French Renaissance Literary and Scholarly Legacies

A Conference in Honor of Edwin M. Duval on December 7, 2018


Throughout his illustrious career, Edwin (Ned) M. Duval has sought to tease out hidden structures and symmetries in the literary production of the French Renaissance. In honor of his literary “sleuthing,” this conference has invited participants to explore, in a Duvalian vein, the symmetries, as well as the dissymmetries, the fragility, ambiguities, and contradictions of French Renaissance poetry and prose. In addition to tracing the impact of Ned’s scholarly work on the past and present state of French Renaissance literary studies, the conference will provide an opportunity to honor an erudite and generous colleague whose work will continue to influence future generations of students and scholars. We invite you to join Ned’s colleagues and former students for conversations regarding the literature and culture of Renaissance France about which he cares so deeply and on which he has spent his career teaching and researching. We hope you will join us as we celebrate Ned’s many contributions to the field!

Ned’s Yale Department of French Profile

2015 Yale College Teaching Prize: Ned Duval

Yale Honors Ned for Outstanding Teaching

Yale Announces Ned Duval as Inaugural Henri Peyre Professor of French

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